Sunday, January 30, 2011


Bergman's Non Pressure "SOFT WASH" Roof Cleaning, Florida

This is Chuck Bergman's  Roof Cleaning and Pressure Washing Information page.

We are a father and son only business and specialize in the cleaning of roofs offering the newest and only "approved" [ by the roofing association ]
" NO PRESSURE " roof cleaning system.

For asphalt shingle roofs, this system is a must and can add years to your expensive roof's life!
Pressure cleaning a shingled roof removes a large percentage of the granules, that make up the surface and color of your roof.
Many Pressure Washers advertise "NO PRESSURE" but don't actually own the equipment. They simply use their pressure washing machine's chemical injector and end up using "SOME" pressure anyway and explaining [ if you see them do it ] that they turned the pressure way down.
You can't turn a pressure washer "down" enough to not blow the granules off!
ANY pressure will remove much of your asphalt shingle granules! Click below to go to the roofing manufacturers association and read for yourself it's simple clear statement about pressure "HIGH PRESSURE WASHING SYSTEMS FOR ALGAE REMOVAL SHOULD NOT BE USED"

Of course, we do have state of the art pressure washing equipment as well for houses, pool enclosures, decks, driveways etc.
In fact, with our many years of experience, we have found that a pressure washer that puts out a larger flow of water [5.6 GPM]
and less blasting pressure 2000 - 2500 psi, gets the job done better than a high blasting pressure [3000 to 4500 lbs is common and lower water flow [4 GPM] or less.]

Even tile roofs benefit from our "NO PRESSURE" system, in that high pressure will send small pieces of tile and cement holding your ridges in place, off into space!
Also, if you have a finish on your tile roof, such as a solid paint coat or a glazing, high pressure can peel the paint or dull the glazing.

On anything but roofs, pressure is needed, so we also have a 3500 psi machine and a 2500 psi machine with us at all times to use as needed.

Another reason to hire us to clean your roof is - You may see competitors who say they are "Plant Friendly" or "Water plants well" WE EITHER WATER CONSTANTLY & OR COVER ALL OF YOUR PLANTS WITH TARPS.
That's as "PLANT FRIENDLY" as it gets in this business! 
Because this offers the maximum protection!

My son has worked continuously with me since 1994. So, if you have Black Algae on your Roof that needs removing, whether for:

#1. Health reasons [Those who suffer respiratory ailments are adversely affected by the airborne mold spores
]#2. To stop the deterioration of the roof [ algae eats constantly]
#3. Aesthetics [ many beautiful homes have their appearance spoiled by black, discolored roofs]
#4. Because your homeowners association requires it.Give us a call!You will be glad you did and your neighbors may thank you!


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CASH DISCOUNTS ARE 5% for any work over $100.00 {=  $200.00 job, you pay $190.00 CASH }

Thank You!
Chuck Bergman and Son.